We work tirelessly to find the hottest items from manufacturers around the world and provide them at the best prices possible. Retailers understand better than most anyone how difficult remaining current can be. We know, we have six full time retail stores in malls dedicated solely to test new products. So, when we put the Wholesale Proz name on them, we know they sell.



LED Shoes are the hottest new item to hit the specialty retail market in some time. They will be the item on everyone’s wish list this holiday season.


Necknapperz travel pillows for kids.

The magical Neck Piillow that Converts into a stuffed animal!

Necknapperz are are truly unique product that changes it’s shape to convert from a cuddly plush toy into a neckpillow for the kiddos.






Remote controlled toys have been a great seller for a number of years. Even though the hay-day is over; there are still great profits to be made selling these toys. Take advantage of the potential with the best pricing on the market today.