LED Shoes


We have LED shoes in both black and white with an array of sizes to choose from. The shoe’s LED lights are sealed inside a translucent sole and are controlled by a switch located on the charging mechanism inside the ankle portion of the shoe. The LED lights change in color with the push of a button and rotate through seven colors for hours of entertainment. These shoes have three modes: Blink, solid and slow change. The blink version is a strobe on the white light, the solid colors switch at the push of a button and the slow change goes through all seven colors automatically. We produce all sizes and most are available in stock. For larger men’s shoes and smaller children’s sizes we do not carry regularly, minimum order quantities may be required. Special orders are also welcome if needed. Take advantage of this new product and maximize your profit potentials.


LED Shoe Sizes and Case Quantities

All you need to do is pick one up to notice the difference in quality. Our shoes come with a 100% guarantee on quality and craftsmanship.  We will replace shoes that have any defects caused by the manufacturer. Call our offices today at 713-777-1000 for further inquiries into LED Shoes. This is the new craze sweeping the nation, don’t be left out!

White LED Shoes

White LED shoes light up in several colors.