Necknapperz Emoji

Necknapperz travel pillows for kids.

The magical Neck Piillow that Converts into a stuffed animal!

Necknapperz are the cute, cuddly plush products that magically transform into a neckpillow. Necknapperz emoji is a perfect fit for any specialty retail location looking to cash in on the emoji craze while competing with large retailers. Each emoji is a 12″ pillow made with polyester fuzzy fabric for a soft exterior and filled with polystyrene microbeads to make them lovably squishy and comfortable. The microbeads help the neckpillow conform to the unique contours of each customers neck and help circulate air for a nice cool rest during travel, while watching TV or just when a little extra neck support is needed.

There are four distinct emoji styles, and are shipped in 4packs  mixed.

Wink and Tongue


Heart Eyes




Tears of Joy



Each come individually packaged and ready for the shelf.