RC Drones

Drones are ubiquitous. They’re everywhere and range from basic toy models to GPS enabled tools used for videography. Most of the quadcopters we maintain in stock are the fun toys that make incredible and affordable gifts for kids. Although we do carry more expensive multirotors with GPS capabilities; most of our wholesale programs are focused on providing specialty retails stores with the latest products at the best prices on the market.


We have small quadcopters that come equipped with cameras like the UJ311C.

UJ Sentinel 311C Small Camera Drone

box and openbox

The Sentinel 311C is a small quadcopter that boasts an incredible range with the 2.4GHz controller. The small size makes this an ideal quadcopter for indoor flying and the price makes the 311C a great option for the Christmas gift giving season. This drone comes mixed in cases of 18 with three colors: black, white and metallic red.


UJ Raptor 305 Medium Drone

We have a range of mid-sized drones similar to the Syma X5 (which we also carry) which is the most popular size on the market today. The Raptor 305 is ready to attache a camera (sold separately) to enable a Wi-Fi FPV (first person view) to your cellphone or tablet so you can see the flight recording in real time.

Raptor 305 WIFI FPV Drone

Raptor 305 WIFI FPV Drone

This particular drone is sold without the camera in the box. Retailers can stock both the video camera with the available SD card for video recording during flight, or the popular WIFI enabled camera to give pilots the FPV option with a wireless connection to a smartphone or tablet. This packaging was done with the retailer in mind so there can be an up-sale opportunity for additional profits; but also the availability of the drone without the camera at a great price for those customers who are more interested in the flying than the video. Give your clients the option and they will love you for it. The raptor comes 12 to a case and you can choose a black or white version.

UJ Scout 308C Large Camera Drone

We carry larger drones like the Syma X8 versions (which we also stock) that come equipped with high resolution cameras. The Scout 308 is made by the same factory that created the Syma X8 and is boxed with the UJ Toys logo to help brick and mortar retailers compete against very challenging online pricing. You can’t find this on Amazon so the pricing is protected.


Compare with Syma X8

Compare with Syma X8


This comes in both black and white and is available and an incredible price right now. This quadcopter comes 8 to a case and is flying off of the shelves, so act fast and don’t miss out on this years best pricing.

UJ Explorer 310 X-tra Large Drone

The drone guaranteed not to be overlooked is the extra large Explorer 310 drone by UJ Toys. It is the easiest drone to fly and one of the safest with a foam body that encloses the blades to protect small hands and faces. This isn’t the fastest of drones, but it is the most stable and helps new pilots understand how to fly.


The 2.4GHz wireless remote control will command this ship to a stunning distance of 300 feet and its large size helps newer pilots see where they are in relation to the “front and back” of the drone while in flight. That really helps when trying to steer!