RC Helicopters

Remote control helicopters are the first flying RC products we began carrying over 5 years ago. They have been a staple in the retail market and will continue to sell well even though there are now dozens of competing brands. We have found that with the advent of drones and multi-rotor aircraft, much of the Chinese production capacity has shifted in that direction. That has allowed the RC Helicopters to gain more ground in retail because there are fewer manufacturers now to compete with and a loyal “heli only” RC enthusiast base that prefers them over quadcopters.

We carry every type of RC helicopter for the beginner pilot. We have the mini 2 channel IR helicopters meant for indoor flight up to large 3 foot 2.4GhZ 3.5 channel helicopters designed to fly well outdoors. Pricing as also very competitive and we will match any wholesale price for similar helicopters on the market.

Large to Small, We've got 'em all

Large to Small, We’ve got ’em all

We understand how important it is in the brick and mortar retail world to maintain margins. That is why we developed the Yiboo branded products in 2011 to help protect our retail clients from the undercutting prices that exist on the internet. We still carry other brands like UDI, Walkera, Hubsan, Syma and HT Toys; but we are serious about protecting our retail partner’s profitability.

Yiboo branded products range from our rc helicopter lines to the drones, rc cars and vehicles. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients can be as competitive as possible while maximizing operational revenues. Call or email our offices to get the complete line of RC Products and pricing.

Yiboo UJ820 Large Helicopter in Box

Yiboo UJ820 Large Helicopter in Box